It all started with a bag I wanted but couldn't find: big enough to hold everything for a day in San Francisco (extra sweater, hat & jacket, water and snacks), but nothing overly designed (or sparkly). So I took a weathered piece of leather from an old job at a photo studio, some butchers twine, and created my first bag back in 2001. Soon followed a year long apprenticeship with a French-trained bag and accessories maker. I learned how to cut, skive, glue, sand, edge, hand stitch and make some seriously fancy bags and wallets. These bags weren't my personal style but it didn't matter. Finding that kind of training in the US was absolute luck for which I'll be forever grateful.

For years leatherwork and creating objects stayed a side project, while work as a photo editor and director held center stage. But I kept honing my craft, and in time came to find my own aesthetic. My passion for creating objects, simple and clean in design, never went away. So now, 13 years later, Good West Co. is born. The name is inspired by my journey from the east coast out west, and the discoveries that have taken place over all these years. The wind, the smell of salt air, fog horns in the morning hours far off in the distance, rolling wheat colored hills, lazy days in the sun, hikes and adventures in the great mountains near by. The beautiful simplicity that is all around us is what I hope to pass on to others in these objects.